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-|Hgt|- Helghast Clan

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-|Hgt|- Helghast Clan Empty -|Hgt|- Helghast Clan

Post by LaloZ (Official) on Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:42 am

-|Hgt|- Helghast Clan

-|Hgt|- Helghast Clan Killzone_symbol_by_yurtigo-d6eqlei


Hello , welcome to the Clan -|Hgt|- Clan Helghast can come here any member with Hornor , Respect and Loyalty in this Clan, demonstrates that these fact and defeat the enemy !


We are a clan that has not come to pass just to Be Gone without Gloria or sorrow , we come to remain in the memories that were, are and will be a great Clan of this wonderful game

Clan focus

In this clan we focus on those players that come out knowing knowing little more than they should also become large and difficult match for the enemy

How to join

You have 2 ways to enter this Clan

1- Using the Application Form

2- Being invited by a member of the Clan


-Usually play
-Add the Leader / Creator
-200 Kills or more
-Comply with the rules


- No hack
- No camper
- No Figths
- No cheat
- No discrim
- No personal attacks
- No spamming
- No map abuse
- Play for fun
- Respect other members
- Attend all you can Battles Clans


- Leader/Owner : This rank is for the creator and leader of the Clan
- Officer : This rank is for members who have over 2500 kills or more
- Lieutenant: This rank is for Clan members who are between 1000 and 2500 Kills
- Cadet : This rank is for members with less than 1000 Kills

Application Form

- Link Profile :
- Country :
- Gender:
- Age :
- Clan history:
- That will give the Clan? :
- Because we accept ? :

Member List





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-|Hgt|- Helghast Clan Empty Re: -|Hgt|- Helghast Clan

Post by ScomB_. on Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:15 am

Good Luck

Darkness is NightMare
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