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Deperate Need Of a Clan

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Deperate Need Of a Clan Empty Deperate Need Of a Clan

Post by creep3rkid on Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:11 am

dear reader,

if you are lacking players for a clan im your girl I have good experience in the game begone and trust me...I wont make you look stupid my
my specialization is tactics my tactics vary by each round (unlike other people rushing into battle in different directions each time)
another specialization is when I have the assault rifle with reflex scope and silencer.

most of my tactics involve being a ghost..hidden
creeping on people is my specialty. lol! 

some of my weaknesses is tending to panic when to many people are near(by no many people I mean like 7 or 6)I abandon the fight and look for the nearest cover that's when I usually die XD.

reader I hope you can consider me being in your clan and I look forward to it. Smile

~ Creep3rKid

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