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|[WOLF]| Wolf Pack

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|[WOLF]| Wolf Pack Empty |[WOLF]| Wolf Pack

Post by GoTzSkIlLz on Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:32 pm

|[WOLF]| Wolf Pack

|[WOLF]| Wolf Pack 1302575775_WolfpackLogo_NEW

We stick together united in combat. We are a family, a brotherhood combined with skilled, loyal and mature members. We fight for the right cause and still have fun in between. We are The Wolf Pack. Apply at our forum below at begone N play:

Wolf Pack


We are a team of highly skilled and commited players.  We arise victorious with honor and respect our opponents.  We share common goals including, fighting with honor, loyalty and power in combat.  We are a family and a brotherhood of dedicated players.  We have fun while in combat, but still follow our goals.  We grow together and gain more power each and every day.  Once part of the Wolf Pack, Always part of the wolf pack with strong honor.

|[WOLF]| Wolf Pack 2Q==


|[WOLF]| Wolf Pack 9k=

1.) You Must be commited to This clan only.

2.)No Multiclanning, Stay true to the Wolf Pack.
3.) You must be active.

4.) NO HACKING, those who hack are removed permanently.

5.) You must be good at playing ALL maps, when needed.

6.) You must know some English.

7.) Take Maturity and responsibility in every match you play.

8.) Be proud of this clan.

9.) Repersent The Wolf Pack with Pride.

10.) No Spamming, ingame, or on the forums.

11.) Be loyal and understanding, and bring good to The Wolf Pack.

12.) KDR MUST BE ABOVE 2.0 with OVER 4000 Kills

13.)Respect towards fellow members is required everyday. Giving respect will earn more                 respect for you towards your clan mates.

14.)Undestanding English is very important, For better contact and conversations.

15.) If you receive admin powers or any kind related to powers should be trusted and well-behaved, And of course Good manners.

16.) Activity is daily, The limit is weekly

★ Clan Goals ★

-Skilled, loyal members

-Victories in clan wars

-The greatest clan

-Strong Council

-Clan servers


-Strong Teamwork


★ Clan Status ★

The Wolf Pack Clan has been offcially created.

This Clan was approved by Dmage.

Date of creation:  August 29th 2013

★ Clan Ranks ★





★ Application Form ★


nPlay Account name and link:




Will you be active in the Forum?

Best And Worst MAP:

Best And Worst GUN:

Time Zone:

How many hours can you play weekly?

Why you want to join Wolf:

Clan History:

Read the rules?

What are you excited for in Wolf?

What brought you here?

Please send a detailed paragraph message to one of our members explaining why you want to join.

★ Testing ★ :

2 things can happen for you to get into the clan.

1: Send your application as a reply to this thread and be eligible for testing or rejected immediately.

2: If you have been seen playing or have tremendous stats and skill you may be invited to the clan right away without being tested.


The way we test our applicants is very simple yet customiasble and personal to each applicant.  The process will go like this: Applicant will choose which map and server number.  It could any number of players except for a 1 v 1 server. The amount of time a test can take may vary, however the tester will inform the applicant when it is over.  Results will be sent to the applicant in 1-5 days after being tested.  Please be patient.

Rejected:Sad Crying or Very sad 

Apply again 10 days later. if you are rejected twice you may only apply again if invited.

Accepted:Laughing Very Happy Smile 

Welcome to the clan!

If you have any questions at all, please feel more than free to ask them here or message one of our members.

|[WOLF]| Wolf Pack Wolf%20pack

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|[WOLF]| Wolf Pack Empty Re: |[WOLF]| Wolf Pack

Post by GOD OF WAR on Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:52 pm

best fix
good luck

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|[WOLF]| Wolf Pack Empty Re: |[WOLF]| Wolf Pack

Post by GoTzSkIlLz on Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:41 pm

GOD OF WAR wrote:best fix
good luck
Thanks  GOD OF WAR, i really appreciate it, although you've said the exact same words to almost every clan ad.

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|[WOLF]| Wolf Pack Empty Re: |[WOLF]| Wolf Pack

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