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Post by perez2 on Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:26 pm

We shall rise, We shall fall. Like any clan SOS will flourish and then also will be in turmoil, but SOS will survive.. We won't lie and tell you we have a reputation and are the greatest. We start with just three. Just three round bursts of steel shots to kill our enemies and survive those times in turmoil. We cannot afford to waste anything let along just go around blasting a gun. We fight with quickness and steadiness.

-Active on Nplay as much as possible
-Decent skills
-Have BB account
-Speaks decent english
-Positive Attitude
-Have at least 2 months of playing Begone

-No hacking
-No map abuse(glitching)
-No multi clanning
-No multiaccounting
-No racism/discrimination
-No spamming

Triumvirate>Secondary Council>Executive Officer>Member

Triumvirate - This rank will overview everything and can create/accept/decline Official wars and Unofficial wars. Also the Triumvirate can test applying members and invite members to be tested and test them alone.

Secondary Council - This rank is able to create clan events such as clan tournaments, Unofficial wars, and clan polls. Also the Seconary Council can invite members to be tested and test them alone.

Executive Officers - This rank is able to create clan polls and accept Unofficial wars. Also The Executive Officers can invite members and test them if there is at least one other Executive Officer testing too.

Members - This rank is for any regular members which are able to participate in wars show our fancy clan tag and participate in clan wars. They cannot accept any types of wars or create them.

-Perez2 (Triumvirate)
-oli12 (Triumvirate)
-Elmejor9 (Triumvirate)
-Vialate (Secondary Council)
-xXNoFearXx (Executive Officer)
-Panicfever (Executive Officer)
-Optyc (Executive Officer)
-Rhin0sauce (Executive Officer)
-asier7killer (Member)
-fortback (Member)
-goku25 (Member)
-kendall12 (Member)
-iEmilys (Member)
-SoldierBJ9 (Member)
-Painball(IGN Graffitis)(Member/Graphics Designer)
-MeCrazy (Member)
-AkoSiMigel (Member)
-SPAG (Member)
-KonchiWonchi (Member)
-RubenBroers (Member)
-Commander17 (Member)
-Prolegendkiller (Member)
-Lowder (Member)
-WarriorEagle (Member)
-bman1234 (Member)
-Tenebre (Member)
-JoquerAssassin50 (Member)
-xXxSnakexXx (Member)
-theunknown13 (Member)
-DoubeAce (Member)
-DeathHarvHD (Member)
-JHP123 (Member)
-TheFallen99 (Member)

There are two ways of getting into SOS. The first way is to make an application on our topic on BB or Nplay and looking for a Triumvirate or Executive Officer to test you in whichever map you would like. If you get invited, by any of the Triumvirate’s, you will be invited to the clan as soon as perez2 is online and invites you.

-How long have you been playing?
-Favorite weapon(s)?
-Favorite map(s)?
-Why do you want to join?
-Which clans have you been in before?

You would most likely be tested in a mini server with SOS members or other players with decent skills so we can see how you do. After the test perez2, oli12, and elmejor9 will make a decision if you made it in the clan or not. If you pass the test then we will welcome you to the clan:). If you fail the test you can apply again 1 week later after you had been rejected.

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|[SOS]| Shots Of Steel Empty Re: |[SOS]| Shots Of Steel

Post by DrekLond on Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:35 pm

Good Luck

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