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-=SDU=-Special Duties Unit

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-=SDU=-Special Duties Unit

Post by jas9531 on Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:35 pm

-=SDU=-Special Duties Unit

We shall be the best of the best,

We will shall not give up,

We will shall fight till we die,

We shall conquer you,

WE shall be best of the best, SPECIAL DUTIES UNIT!

Our Code of Conduct:-

1) No Cheating/Foul Play/Hacking

3) No Multiclaning

4) Must support the Clan at all times, and must render service when called to do so.

5) Members must add owner and other members so that we can keep in touch easier.

6) Loyalty ABOVE ALL!!...No leaving the clan, At all costs.....

Founders and creators:-

1) Founder-Jas9531 (

2) Co-Founder-royalmarines (


Do not spam.

Do not disturb.

Do not insult.

Our Ranks:-

1) High Council-organise event and battle and recruitement

2) Commander-lead the soldiers to battle

3) General-come up with tactics

4) Corporal-incharge of forum and recruitement

5) Private-not an officer

Minimum Requirements:-

1) 2500 kills

2) 1.7 kdr

how to be invited:

Tested or an invite from the officers

Application form:-

1) Account Link:

2) How long have you played BeGone:

3) Best map/S:

4) Worst map/S:

5) Do you have any previous clan records?:

6) Why do you think you want to join the SDU?:

7) Country:

Unblock private profiles before applying and be friends with the leaders


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